Vararfeldur + Vararfeldur to Jamaica

Inspired by the traditional Icelandic cloak, Shahini is working to incorporate Vararfeldur in her designs instead of sheep’s fleece alone. Vararfeldur is a combination of Icelandic wool, sheep’s fleece, and thread, woven together on a warp weighted loom. Shahini learned this technique during her 2020 residency at the Icelandic Textile Center in Blondus, Iceland. Shahini is fascinated with the sense of tradition and how to integrate this material with her own aesthetic history. “I wanted to honor my heritage by doing a Varafeldur with sheep’s fleece in the shape of a map of Jamaica,” she says. Stay tuned for Shahini’s upcoming designs with Varafeldur!

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The 2021 Collection

The concept behind the collection is confinement, incarceration and being a prisoner in more than one way. I also drew on themes from the Law of Dependent Origination such as innocence, consciousness, the 4 elements, craving and rebirth. These concepts are reflected in the pieces through silhouettes and details. The body-con pieces are reflective for me as stages of feeling, craving, desires for feeling, and clinging to. These ideas are also reflected in the fabrication: a tricot that is made from recycled plastic bottles (death and rebirth), bamboo jersey, tencel and cupro are some of the sustainable fabrics in the collection. Ahimsa silk (peace silk) is another fabric used in some of the details in the collection. The skeleton hands...

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5'11 Magazine Magazine Editorial

Shahini Fakhourie’s “Sir” Turtleneck top is an updated day or night contemporary outerwear piece. Fakhourie’s top was featured in 5’ ELEVEN Magazine, an Independent Fashion Publication based in London. Pictured above, “Sir” Turtleneck top is paired with a flared midi latex skirt by Atsuko Wade, Wolfred fishnet stay-up’s and Sante + Wade snakeprint pumps, for an urban and sleek look. What makes this look perfect for day or night? It’s an amped up streetwear look that is dramatic yet approachable. Fakhourie has thought the design through – with a UPF 50+ (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) – great for outdoor leisure. She also used a 4-way compression fabric in this piece, giving it a sporty yet sexy feel. EDITORIAL

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