Weaving studio in Iceland

Varafeldur + Varafeldur to Jamaica


Inspired by the traditional Icelandic cloak, Shahini is incorporating Varafeldur in her designs as a unique material. Varafeldur is a combination of Icelandic wool, sheep's fleece, and thread, woven together on a warp-weighted loom. Shahini learned this technique during her 2020 residency at the Icelandic Textile Center in Blönduós, Iceland, and is fascinated with the sense of tradition it carries.

Shahini plans to integrate this material with her own aesthetic history, such as creating a Varafeldur with sheep's fleece in the shape of a map of Jamaica. Stay tuned for Shahini's upcoming designs with Varafeldur, which promise to be a beautiful and distinctive addition to the design collection.

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