Shahini Fakhourie is an emerging luxury streetwear design brand with a concentration in art and fashion. The lack of women-led, high-end streetwear brands also propels the DNA of the brand. The design process starts with one central idea: always allowing form and function to guide the journey. The structural process is about continuity of the brand’s aesthetic, through materials, techniques, and exhibitions.

Shahini Fakhourie is driven forward through applied technologies while adhering to the brands core beliefs of sustainability, quality, and transparency. Each collection is as bold and innovative as its wearer, which is the Shahini Fakhourie ethos.

Shahini Fakhourie is based in Miami, Florida.


Sustainability Mission

Our mission at Shahini Fakhourie is to continually strive for excellence in how we approach design, production, employees’ rights and the environment. We began with the concept of eco-consciousness as a core pillar and knowingly implemented practices into the brand that exemplified these values. Sustainability is important to Shahini Fakhourie because it is a reflection of the designer/founder's personal life. We believe a fashion brand can function without causing unnecessary harm to the environment and its inhabitants. The goal of Shahini Fakhourie is to cultivate a brand that reflects the values of an ethical fashion conscious consumer and spark a change in the sustainably curious. Success will be measured with internal employee reviews of the company, fabric and material excess measurements, annual key partnership relationship reviews, and regular updates to more efficient practices.