American Fashion Designer Shahini Fakhourie

Shahini Fakhourie is a luxury streetwear design brand focused on music and art realized through fashion, whether it be through illustrations, show-stopping styles made for commanding a stage or guitar strap accessories. Entering the industry as a black woman-led, high-end streetwear brand propels the DNA of the brand. The design process starts with one central idea: always allowing form and function to guide the journey. The structural process is about continuity of the brand’s aesthetic, through materials, techniques, and exhibitions.

As a luxury fashion brand, we are driven forward through applied technologies such as 3D printing, the CNC router and laser cutting while adhering to the brands core beliefs of sustainability, quality, and transparency. Each private label collection is as bold and innovative as its wearer, which is the Shahini Fakhourie ethos.



Sustainability Mission

At Shahini Fakhourie, we strive for excellence in design, production, employee rights, and environmental sustainability. We prioritize sustainability in everything we do because it reflects our founder's personal values and commitment to responsible fashion. Our brand believes that fashion can be beautiful without causing harm to the environment or its inhabitants. To achieve this goal, we implement sustainable practices such as using eco-friendly fabrics and materials, reducing waste, and partnering with like-minded organizations. We regularly review and measure our progress to ensure we are meeting our sustainability goals. We believe that ethical fashion should be accessible to all and aim to inspire a change in the sustainably curious. Join us on this journey towards a more sustainable future.