Shahini Fakhourie is an emerging black-owned minimalist, high-end streetwear design brand with a concentration in art, fashion sustainability. Shahini first recognized her passions in this field when her grandmother taught her how to sew, a time when sheer fabrics and patent leathers took the fashion world by storm. Her continued acknowledgment regarding the lack of women-led, high-end streetwear brands also propels her craft.

Shahini Fakhourie’s design process starts with one central idea: always allowing form and function to guide her journey. Her inspiration stems from design internships completed in New York City including, freelance children and accessories design for Tommy Hilfiger, an interview and events writer for Haute Living Magazine, 944 Magazine, and a Saks Fifth Avenue Handbag Specialist along with graduating from Miami International University of Art and Design and Academy Art University with a concentration in fashion. These unique experiences sprouted her admiration towards brands such as Tom Ford and Rei Kawakubo. Fakhourie’s structural process is about continuity to guide her brand’s representation, even though each collection varies across all areas, including materials, techniques, and work exhibitions.

Fakhourie drives her brand forward through applied technologies, simultaneously sticking to her core beliefs of fashion sustainability, affordability, quality, and transparency while delving into the past to create a women’s capsule collection, bold and innovative as its wearer, which is the Shahini Fakhourie ethos.

Shahini Fakhourie is based in Miami, Florida.